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Perfume Oil
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Perfume Oil

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Now you can wear all of your favourite Black Moon Botanica scents in a perfume! 

These hand-blended perfume oils are are small-batch, handmade and 100% vegan-friendly. 10ml bottle of perfume oil in a roll-on amber glass bottle. To use, roll on your pulse points such as wrists and neck, or run wrists through hair. Re-apply every few hours or when necessary. This is the perfect size to carry with you in your bag or pocket.

And if you just can't choose, buy 6 perfume oils for the price of 5 (€75) -  discount applied automatically at checkout.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, hand-blended fragrance oils. Oils used will vary, depending on scent but are exactly the same as the candle/wax melt fragrances. 

If irritation occurs, please discontinue use. Do not use on broken skin, avoid contact with eyes. 


  • Aphrodisia

    Sensual and beautiful combination of woody and floral, this is a complex concoction. The rare, dark resinous heartwood, Oud wood, originates from South-East Asia and is widely sought after by perfumers across the world. Infused with oils of patchouli, nutmeg, saffron and palmrosa, this indulgent and rich blend of exotic spices and delicate rose and geranium florals is the perfect accompaniment sensual love and self-love rituals. Several of these oils are considered aphrodisiacs, to really enhance any rituals or spell crafting, bathing or to add an atmosphere that Aphrodite herself would approve of. 


  • Black Cat

    Dark, mysterious and bewitching, this is my best seller and a Black Moon Botanica favourite. This is a beautifully warm, comforting scent. Dreamy and sensual, this warm fragrance has soft notes of frankincense, tuberose, myrrh, violet and amber. Earthy base notes of patchouli and cedar with a hint of jasmine and bergamot round out this sweet but balanced scent. This is one I would recommend for calming and comforting, particularly in times of trauma or grief, or just whenever you want to feel soothed and cosy. Rituals for self love, emotional healing, relaxation and to bring peace and harmonious energies. 


  • Hecate Queen of Witches

    Richly evocative, this complex scent is both earthy and warm, sweet but spicy. Named for the goddess Hecate, associated with the darker side of the human experience, such as witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants and creatures that roam the darkness of night. It has been remarked, “Hecate is more at home on the fringes than in the centre. Intrinsically ambivalent and polymorphous, she straddles conventional boundaries and eludes definition.” Combining woody notes of mugwort, patchouli, sandalwood, with light smoke of incense and pink peppercorn, and a creamy base of amber and vanilla.


  • Isis Divine Feminine

    Rich, exotic and sophisticated, this is a luxurious blend that combines sandalwood, jasmine with warm amber. The subtle addition of vanilla mixes with unique notes of balsam copaiba, grapefruit and lotus. Said to be worn by Cleopatra, jasmine blooms at night, which adds to the mystery and allure, and connects the flower to feminine energy of the Moon. Created with the Egyptian goddess Isis in mind, this is perfect for all rituals working with goddesses, the Divine Feminine, attracting physical and spiritual love and for increasing creativity.


  • Mercury Retrograde

    Developed to help navigate the trying times of Mercury Retrogrades, but lovely any time. The grounding patchouli blends with the uplifting citrus of bergamot. This scent is designed to both keep you grounded and supported while lifting your mood when things are going awry! Heady jasmine, white gardenia and vetiver round out this best selling scent. Use during retrogrades, to combat stress or gain focus and direction.


  • Morticia

    Elegant and intoxicating, this luxurious blend is completely mesmerising like Morticia herself.  Warm top notes of Almond and Cinnamon mix beautifully with a heart of rich Myrrh and soft Tonka Bean. The velvety notes of Amber and Moss and exotic Gauicwood create a sensual and mysterious fragrance that is worthy of the Addams witch herself. 


  • New Moon  Stimulating and fresh, this is the perfect scent to burn while setting New Moon intentions or when in need of invigorating energies. Top notes of zesty lemongrass and limes lead into warming ginger root and nutmeg, with a hint of fresh eucalyptus. Base notes round out the scent with cedar wood and geranium. Clean, warm and stimulating, this “spa-like” scent works well with ritual baths and when doing rituals entered around uplifting, enlivening or rejuvenating energies.


  • Queen of Scots

    A top seller, this is an intensely rich and layered scent, inspired by the charismatic Mary Queen of Scots. Like the woman herself, it’s a scent that is both nuanced and bold, leading with crisp bergamot and lemon and warming sandalwood and frankincense, with notes of eucalyptus, lavender and geranium. The base of this scent is rich and full with cedar, amber, and warm spices. A strong fragrance that fills the whole house with its complexity and charm. Most customers describe it as a more “masculine” scent with warming base notes. Use in rituals involving personal strength and boundary setting, self-belief and confidence.


  • Salem

    I’ve created this complex scent for awakening your inner witch and tapping into your intuition. Rich and earthy with sweet tobacco, sandalwood and patchouli. Warming notes of nutmeg and mandarin combine with magickal mugwort and the honey-like tonka bean to create this intoxicating blend. With oils that help to stimulate intuition and rekindle creative energies, this is the scent I recommend for all witchcraft and spellcraft, as well as any rituals to connect with ancestors or spirits. Also wonderful for divination and dream work. 


  • The Thinning Veil

    I developed this evocative scent for my own divination work and rituals involving the ancestors. Rich with sweet tobacco, warm clove and a hint of cognac. Smokey notes of oak, with the exceptionally rare orris root combine with vetiver and musk to create this beautifully complex blend. With oils that help to enhance both concentration and psychic and intuitive abilities, this is the candle I recommend for all divination work such Tarot, as well as any rituals working with ancestors or spirit. Also wonderful for meditation and relaxation.


  • Wild Abundance

    A firm customer favourite, Wild Abundance is created for rituals of manifestation and attracting abundance in all its forms. Delicately spicy and fresh with orange, cinnamon, clove. This scent mixes fresh fruit notes and a smooth base of patchouli and vanilla to round it out into a subtle scent that is neither too sweet nor overly zesty. Use whenever trying to attract prosperity, success or more abundance into your life.


  • Witch Wood

    A rich herbal fragrance dominated  by pine alongside eucalyptus, cedar wood, cypress, sandalwood, and Siberian fir. This scent is inspired by the ancient Scots pine trees of the Highlands. Fresh, earthy and deeply evocative of deep, dark woods. Druids used to light large bonfires of Scots pine at the winter solstice to celebrate the passing of the seasons and to draw back the sun. Scots pine groves were to be approached and entered in silence and reverence, respectful of the gods and spirits of the wood. Perfect for grounding, rituals working with nature and when in need of the forest in your own home. Ideal for Yule and winter solstice, this smells of a grove of Christmas trees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Best perfume ever.

I have ordered perfume oils the third time now and the quality was always amazing. Long lasting scent and fast shipping. Highly recommended.

Kate Aston
Wild Abundance perfume

Absolutely gorgeous scent and so handy to bring around with you and apply anytime. I love it and can't wait to go back to the amazing shop next time I am in Edinburgh

Lucia Donati
Isis ♥️

Ho scoperto per caso ,una domenica mattina , Black moon botanica e me ne sono innamorata. Guardando tra le meraviglie che ha a disposizione ho scoperto questa linea di profumi …con Isis e’ stato subito amore e l’ho immediatamente acquistato promettendomi di ritornare a prendere la candela la prossima volta che sarei venuta ad Amsterdam


Love this perfume so much! I am very happy that I can now buy it in europe. It is my signature scent

Annika Jonsson

I bought Witch wood and Bonfire, and I absolutely love these perfume oils. The fragrances are amazing.